Church Visits 2016-2017

We visit St Martins Church in North Leverton to celebrate events on the Christian calendar and also to have our assemblies there too sometimes.

We have the Open the Book team come into our school to perform a short bible story for us on a very regular occurrence, and they also help to run an after school J Club. 

Reverend Peter is a regular visitor to school too.

Harvest Festival: 7th October 2016

Thank you for all your kind donations. Each class explored Harvest throughout their Religious Education learning, from using poems to creating Harvest artwork.

Armistice Day: 11th November 2016

Oak class did a fantastic class assembly in the church which explained the importance of Armistice day as well as giving us the chance to remember family members who may have fought in the war. All classes made poppy related items to place on the grave of local war hero buried in the Church.

The Pilgrim Fathers

Christmas 2016

We visited the Church as part of our festive celebrations remembering the birth of Jesus. We ended the visit signing some favourite Christmas carols.

Time Travelling 



Shrove Tuesday- February 2017

Willow and Elm visited the village Chapel on Shrove Tuesday to have pancakes and have a pancake race organised by Mr Vessey. Great fun was had by all and we learnt about the meaning of the day Shrove Tuesday.

Ash Wednesday- February 2017

Birch and Oak class visited St Martins Church for the Ash Wednesday service.

Easter 2017

We visited the Church as whole school to celebrate Easter with songs, poems and readings by all the classes participating in this. We also sang some Easter hymns.