For Religious Education, pupils learn about (and from) the six major world religions. We particularly focus on religious celebrations and events as a context for children learning about different religions and cultures. As a Church of England academy, we celebrate key important dates from the Christian calendar, as well as those from other world religions, which parents are invited to join us for, at Church or the Academy itself. 

Collective Worship is held daily, in the school hall. A variety of themes are covered, based usually on stories from the Bible, led by the staff or the many visitors from our community who come to lead us in Worship. 

Children carry their class' cross in, walk calmly and quietly to their places and sit listening to the music that sets the tone for the worship. A candle is lit to remind us that Christians believe that Jesus is the light of the world. We sing hymns of a traditional nature, as well as those with a more modern feel. We invite everyone to pray using the school prayer, lords prayer, a prayer written by children or one by staff. We believe collective worship has an extremely important place at the heart of our school and our proud of the exemplary nature in which everyone participates. 

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