CYCLE A - 2016/2017, CYCLE B - 2017/2018

The delivery of our curriculum is generally through three main termly topics per year in addition to shorter whole school topics and theme weeks. We work on a 2 year cycle so that pupils do not repeat topics.

The topics are planned to ensure continuity and progression, developing the children's knowledge and skills in the context of a theme. They are usually led by a Historical or Geographical enquiry or are Science and Technology based.

We encourage pupils to enquire, research and investigate about the topic and then put their learning together towards a key outcome. Prior to the beginning of each topic, we establish what children already know as well as what they would like to know. These ideas are then integrated into planned learning sequences so that the curriculum is personalised to the children's needs and relevant to their interests as this makes it more engaging for them.

With the support of parents, the teaching is also enhanced by trips out to various places related to the topic or by having visitors into school who provide a memorable and valued learning experience. At the end of the topic, pupils are expected to demonstrate an aspect of their learning through a variety of means such as making books, role plays, producing a presentation and so on.

An overview of the topics are available below.