Here are a selection of questions we have been frequently asked recently. We thought that if one or two parents asked the question then there might be a few more who have also wondered about it.

When can my child drink during lessons?

All pupils have been provided with a named drinking bottle which contains fresh water filled by the staff/children each day. These are kept in an allocated area in each classroom. Pupils have access to their bottles almost all of the day (they will know when it is not a sensible time to go to get their bottle) but we don't keep them on classroom tables as spillages could spoil the children's books. Pupils can refill their bottles at the sink in the classroom when they run out of water.

Can my child bring sweets/chocolate as part of their snack?

All our infant children are provided with free fruit, to have as a snack at their break time. 

Confectionary such as sweets and chocolate (the kind you would buy at the sweets and chocolate counter in a newsagents) are not promoted in school, and should be limited to 1 unhealthy piece per day.

We are aware that many children have chocolate covered snacks and biscuits in their packed lunch and these are permitted. It is a concern that many packed lunches do contain a large amount of sweet and fatty snacks which are not very healthy and can hinder the children's concentration and learning: we hope to raise awareness of this and work together with pupils and parents to make lunchtimes a lot healthier.

What are the uniform expectations?

The staff and governors are very proud of our uniform and they expect our pupils to wear it with pride, which the vast majority do.

Unfortunately though, there are some pupils who are presently not wearing correct uniform or wearing it as smartly as they should.

We fully understand that children like to experiment with their own style but they have ample time to do this at home. The school uniform helps sets a standard for a school. It demonstrates how as a school we are a community all sharing in the same goals and aspirations. We ask that parents continue to support this ethos by ensuring that their child has the correct uniform.

Can my child wear earrings and other jewellery for school?

No, except for watches, jewellery is not allowed. This is for safety reasons especially in PE and at playtimes. We know that many parents allow their children to have pierced ears but earrings must be removed for school. In the case of recently pierced ears, we know that these cannot be removed for a short time, so we cover them with tape for PE lessons. However, the swimming instructors do not allow earrings at all in swimming lessons. We suggest that ear piercing should be timed for the summer holidays where there is time to allow the ears to heal so earrings can easily be removed for school.

What P.E kit should be in school?

All pupils need the standard kit all times. All children wear bear feet in the hall unless they have a foot infection; in this case they need to wear plimsolls (not trainers).

Pupils also need a pair of trainers or plimsolls for outdoor lessons. Please note that trainers are preferred for PE outdoors. 

Pupils will not be excused from PE if they do not have a kit. We do have a small amount of spare kit in school and pupils will be asked to wear this or (depending on the activity) to take part after removing their footwear, ties and sweaters. We will send a PE KIT reminder letter home to parents in this event.

If you are finding it difficult to provide your child with appropriate kit, please see a member of staff who will be happy to help.