Visiting Church

As a Church School we are pleased to have close links with the congregation of The Church in The Levertons. We visit our local churches as often as we can throughout the school year for the events as below, and more. We also have the church team come and join us in school for assemblies, and after school club T & J. Assemblies, worship and other activities in Church are supported by Rev Mark Cantrill, Rev Jacqui Jones (Deanery Schools Worker) as well as members of the local churches.

Harvest Festival

Armistice Day

Pilgrim Fathers/Illuminate Parade


Time Travelling


Easter- Shrove Tuesday/Ash Wednesday/Lent

T & J

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Collective Worship

Collective worship takes place in the school hall every morning. It is led by a member of staff or a representative from our Church. 

St Martins Church
North Leverton

Methodist Chapel

North Leverton

All Saints Church
South Leverton