We have a well-equipped school kitchen and cook our own delicious hot lunches. From September 2014, all pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a free school lunch. Orders can also be placed for all other pupils. 

Alternatively children may bring in a packed lunch. We do not have refrigerated facilities therefore we recommend that you provide a cool-bag depending on the nature of food that you provide for your child. Please also provide your child with any cutlery or drinks that they will require with their packed lunch. All packaging and any food not eaten will be returned to you each day so that you can monitor the amount that your child eats.


Please note that in order to promote healthy lifestyles, pupils are discouraged from bringing sweets and confectionery (such as chocolate bars) or fizzy pop in their packed lunch. Due to potential allergies, nuts are also not allowed.


If you think your child is entitled to free school meals, further information about this is available here.


The children are supervised during the lunch break both in the hall whilst eating and in the playground.


All Reception and KS1 children are provided with a free piece of fruit daily. KS2 children are invited to bring fruit, vegetables or cheese as a snack for break time. We do not promote crisps, biscuits or chocolate as a snack or for lunch as part of our Healthy Schools Award.

We encourage all children to keep hydrated throughout the day and ensure that there is fresh water available at appropriate times, a bottle would be helpful for children to ensure they have water available to them.

Here are some examples of the lunches we provide. 

September 2018- We have just updated our school lunchtime menu, and had an open lunch for parents to come and try out the new dishes.

we have included some photos of some of the new dishes. You can also view the new menu here too.....