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Research shows that pupils are more likely to concentrate in lessons if they have eaten a nutritionally balanced meal at lunchtime. By choosing school lunches, you will not only be saving yourself the time and hassle of preparing a packed lunch every day, you can also be sure that your child is getting the range and amount of food that will help contribute to their health and well-being.

Packed Lunches

We have gained Healthy School status which means that our eating and exercise policies encourage children to grow healthily.  All school meals are provided in accordance with the School Food Standards but children may bring in a packed lunch. We do not have refrigerated facilities therefore we recommend that is brought in a cool-bag depending on the nature of food. Please note that, as a Healthy School, pupils are not allowed sweets and confectionary (such as chocolate bars) or fizzy pop in their packed lunch. Due to potential allergies, nuts are also not allowed.