Maths is an important life skill. We want our children to be confident mathematicians who are able to use and apply their learning and to understand that it is fine to make mistakes along the way. We use a specialised approach to teaching Mathematics, from a scheme called - Maths No Problem. We were one of the first schools in the UK to trial the material and have seen huge impact in academic results, as well as in pupil confidence and feedback. 

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Parents often say that they don't understand the methods we use to teach maths in school because teaching methods have moved forward. We are always happy to explain any methods that we use as it is important to have a consistent approach to teaching children mathematical concepts.

It is important that we do not rush to teach children 'the tricks' or 'formal standard methods' too early, doing this will result in a child having unstable mathematical foundations and limited understanding of the concept of maths. 

Below we have uploaded copies of the methods that we use in school for each of the four calculation operations. Starting from stage 1, children will move through each of the stages of understanding and build-up their methods and strategies, giving them a wealth of understanding and tools to enable them to solve a range of calculation problems.


Please see a member of the teaching staff for any more advice, we will be more than happy to help.