Physical Education and Health Lifestyles

Elm PE have worked on balance agility and coordination we have learnt how to play bench ball.

Elm HEALTHY LIFESTYLES has looked at what "Healthy" means in relation to personal hygiene. we have discussed how to keep clean ,healthy teeth, done an experiment on hand washing learnt how to get ride of nits and the key stages of growth.

Ash PE have worked on ball skills , throwing , catching, kicking .We are developing tactics and strategies to play games.basket ball, hockey, bench ball.

Ash HEALTHY LIFESTYLES have looked at where our food comes from from plants/animals, looking at the production , manufacture ,transportation and storage. We visited our local dairy farm.

Birch PE have learnt how to bollywood dance in P.E.

Birch HEALTHY LIFESTYLES have learnt about the functions of teeth, How to keep them healthy .We looked at PH levels of drinks and worked out sugar  content in foods and it's impact.

Oak PE have had John the British runner in to teach them running and balance skills.

Oak HEALTHY LIFESTYLES have looked at the digestive and  circulatory system. we have practically looked at how food travels through the body and made models on how oxygen travels round our body.