If you are interested in sending your child to our school, we highly recommend you make an appointment to visit. All admissions are co- ordinated by Nottinghamshire County Council and our Pupil Admission Number (PAN) for each year group is 20 pupils.


For new Foundation (Reception Class) intakes, parents are asked to complete their application online via the Nottinghamshire County Council website.


Applications are made in January and offers are available in April. You can download our full Admissions Policy from our website but, for your information, where we are oversubscribed the following selection criteria will be applied:


A). Children, ‘looked after’ or fostered under an arrangement made by the local authority.


B). Children who live within the Catchment area of the Academy and who, at the time of admission, will have a sibling (brother or sister) attending Leverton Church of England Academy.


C). Children who live outside of the catchment area and who, at the time of admission, will have a brother or sister attending Leverton Church of England Academy.


D). Children who live inside the catchment area.


E). Children who live outside of the catchment area and whose parents/carers regularly attend the ‘Churches of the Levertons’. Parents applying under this criterion must also complete the supplementary admission form.


For all other admissions, you need to contact the Academy office. The Academy will only consider mid-year applications where an application form has been completed. If we can admit your child, the Academy will write an offer letter and give you a start date.


If we cannot offer a place, because we have reached our Pupil Admission Number for example, the Academy will be able to provide information about alternative provisions or other ways we can help.

Joining Us


Get In Touch
Book a time to meet the children & staff. Our Headteacher is available to show you round and answer any questions you might have. 


Contact Nottinghamshire County Council School Admissions and notify them that you wish to apply.

They contact us directly and we can then usually offer you a place straight away!


If accepted, we ask you to complete a few forms and your child can start at a time to suit you!

We have spaces in some year groups, applying to join us is easy.

We know that sometimes children have to move school for a variety of reasons and choosing the right school for your child is an important decision - we are on hand to offer you and your child a smooth transition.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Click here to go to NCC website admissions page.